For anybody who enjoys art, there are some classic masterpieces that are instantly recognizable. They can be found in art galleries around the world. But that doesn’t mean the distinctive style of these gems from the past should be hidden away. There is no reason you can’t recreate the same look in your own modern space. Whether you are an interior design enthusiast or simply love to look at artwork, there are lots of ideas you could adopt.

Historical Meets Contemporary

If you are short on inspiration, a visit to the online BGA decor store will soon get your thoughts flowing. They have a choice of nearly 2,500 posters that are easy to sort through using their search feature. For example, you can look for your favorite artist, and if it’s Claude Monet, there are 16 different prints to bring history into your home. Perhaps you prefer Edvard Munch, and BGA has you covered with several iconic paintings.

Styling Tips

If you have chosen your preferred design from BGA, you’ll be pleased to find they sell the necessary frames, too. Creating an attractive display of classic art will take no time at all. From Van Gogh to William Morris to the Byzantine era, the choice is yours! You may also wish to add picture lighting to make the most of your artwork and turn it into the centerpiece of your room. Historical art does not have to be dark and gloomy; you can use it to enhance every aspect of your home.