No one has to be an expert in art to be able to appreciate it. We can all look at an image and know straight away whether or not we like it. Over the years there have been many works of art that have divided the critics, but the most important thing is whether or not the individual that has chosen it to hang on their wall likes it.

A genre of art that has proved to be popular is still life. These often feature plants and flowers of all varieties. Artists generally love still life as it is a subject that is not going to move around while they are trying to paint!

Van Gogh

Van Gogh famously painted sunflowers and irises, creating some of the most striking canvases ever seen and these now have an incredible monetary value, selling for many millions of dollars when they come up at auction.

Other artists may choose to paint flowers such as orchids. These elegant blooms are the ideal subject for art, especially if you want to create your own still life. You need to be sure that you can take good care of them though. They are delicate and you want them to last. A handy app will help you with the basic care such as orchid watering and you can monitor the health of the plant so it lasts as long as possible while you are painting. The right orchid watering technique will maximize its lifespan.

Alternatively, you can just enjoy the works of other artists. Van Gogh is not the only artist famous for painting plant life. William Morris included plants and flowers in his works, which have made the transition to soft furnishings and wallpaper now, and Impressionist artist Manet focused on a series of small artworks that featured a variety of floral arrangements.