Shoes have become an integral part of fashion, with top stylists recommending a pair that compliments the outfit thereby giving a modest insight into someone’s personality. So, who wouldn’t want a perfect pair of shoes? It seems shoes speak a great deal about people and it is one of the reasons fashion designers are making a killing. Take Manolo Blahnik, a designer who seems to have mastered the art of shoes, so much that there is a book that explores his sensual side to try and discover just where his much-coveted inspiration to revolutionize the craftsmanship in feminine shoes, stems from, for a period spanning about 45 years.

Finding the right shoe size

A unique aspect of Manolo Blahnik as a designer is that he seeks to share his inspiration to encourage more up and coming designers to take up the mantle of being involved in revolutionizing the industry as a whole. Not only is his work featured in numerous (shoe and fashion) museums across the globe, but you can also learn more about his inspirations and favorite designs courtesy of the Manola Blahnik shoes on tour. It is a first-hand experience that runs until January 2019, with stops in North America, Europe, and even Eurasia (St. Petersburg, Russia) in selected exhibition locations which are mostly art or shoe museums. Here, you get to listen to the designer and learn about his career’s upward curve to greatness as he reveals some of his secrets. For instance, in one of the up-close interviews, he willingly revealed that he draws his inspiration from galleries and museums which means it is not a coincidence that the tour is happening in carefully selected museums and exhibitions in some of the most artistic cities in the world such as Prague, Milan, and Madrid.

Galleries are inspiring