One of the things that most artists struggle with is finding ways to monetise their art. No matter how good you are as an artist, you need to go the extra mile and make a lot of effort if you want to make money. Granted, art pays, so if you put your focus on it, you will get good results.

Explore Exhibitions and Galleries

Exhibitions and galleries serve many purposes, including

fundraising for a good cause, but they can also be used by artists who want to earn some money. Putting your work out there provides an opportunity for people to see what you have to offer so that they can buy. It helps if you create great art.

Create Your Website

In this digital age, you have high chances of making money as an artist if you have a website. The reason why sites such as are popular in selling decorative items is the professionalism on their website. Make sure that you have created a good portfolio where people can sample your work.

Become a Teacher or Tutor

If you have enough knowledge about art and you have produced remarkable work, you should consider becoming a tutor. You can apply to teach in physical classes, or you can opt to

write an e-book about the kind of work that you do.

License Your Work

Licensing the work you have produced to be used by different people for a fee is a good way of making money from art. You get payment or commission anytime your work is used. This is a very lucrative way of making money for people who are doing visual arts such as photography, fine art and painting.